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Divisions & Departments



Interim Dean: Madeline Grant
Office: SAC A-103-2
Phone: (714)564-6775

Department Chair(s) Location Phone Number
Accounting and Business Administration Jinhee Trone SAC A-107-9 (714)564-6762
Business Applications and Technology Dena Montiel SAC A-107-10 (714)564-6876
Computer Science

Noel Dahlen

SAC A-107-15


Engineering SAC A-107-12
SAC A-107-12
Global Business and Entrepreneurship Madeline Grant SAC A-107-1 (714)564-6789
Paralegal F. Richard Manzano SAC A-107-13 (714)564-6858


Fine & Performing Arts

Interim Dean: Eve Kikawa
Office: SAC A-109
Phone: (714)564-5600

Department Chair(s) Location Phone Number

Phillip Marquez

SAC C-201-1


Communications and Media Studies Bud Little SAC C-201-2 (714)564-5616
Communication Studies (Speech) Lance Lockwood SAC C-209 (714)564-5612
Dance Heather Gillette SAC E-105 (714)564-5640
​Library Luis Pedroza
Nell Yang​
​SAC L-101
​(714) 564-6700
Music David Lopez SAC N-114-A (714)564-5652
Theatre Arts Valinda Tivenan SAC P-106-7 (714)564-5668
TV/Video Terry Bales DMC 124-1 (714)241-5778


Human Services & Technology

Dean: Bart Hoffman
Office: SAC R-107-1
Phone: (714)564-6800

Department Chair(s) Location Phone #
Automotive / Diesel / Welding Glen Hammonds J 203 564-6664
Criminal Justice

George Wright 
Andy Gonis

R 118


Criminal Justice Academies John Finch, Assistant Dean
Ron Coopman
CJTC-Tustin 566-9200
Family & Consumer Studies
- Fashion Design and Merchandising
- Nutrition & Foods

Kyla Benson

T 202 564-6842
Fire Technology Terri Wann​ A 113 564-6402
Human Development / Education Suzanne Valdez V 155 564-6881
Manufacturing Technology Dietrich Kanzler T 106 564-6683
Occupational Therapy Assistant Michelle Parolise, Coordinator T 209 564-6833
Pharmacy Technology KC Huynh H 108 564-6650
Speech Language Pathology Assistant Monica Porter, Coordinator M 206 564-6668


Humanities / Social Sciences

Dean: Shelly Jaffray
Office: SAC ​D-435
Phone: ​(714)564-6500

Department Chair(s) Location Phone Number
​American Sign Language ​Monica Collins​ ​SAC U-107 ​(714)564-6283
Anthropology/Sociology/Women's Studies Sandy Wood SAC D-416 (714)564-6536
Economics/Geography Gus Montes SAC D-413 (714)564-6530
English Matthew Beyersdorf SAC D-415 (714)564-6638
ESL Elissa Hassel SAC D-433 (714)564-6513
Ethnic Studies David Lopez SAC D-422 (714)564-6544
History Angelica Veyna​ SAC D-423 (714)564-6546
Modern Languages Javier Galvan SAC D-431 (714)564-6563
Philosophy Zachary Fish SAC D-414 (714)564-6532
Political Science Philippe Andrade SAC D-426 (714)564-6552
Psychology Fernando Ortiz SAC D-429 (714)564-6554
Reading Wenona Kossler SAC D-312 (714)564-6570


Dean: Avie Bridges
Office: SAC W-102
Phone: (714)564-6910

Department Chair(s) Location Phone Number
Chair Brian Sos SAC W-105 (714)564-6909
Head Coach - Baseball Don Sneddon G-115-13 (714)564-6911
Head Coach - Basketball-Men David Breig SAC F-105 (714)564-6923
Head Coach - Basketball-Women Flo Luppani SAC F-123 (714)564-6912
Head Coach - Cross Country-Women Miriam Mitzel SAC F-101 (714)564-6094
Head Coach - Football Geoff Jones SAC F-116 (714)564-6926
Head Coach - Golf-Women Not currently offered. SAC F-125 (714)564-6931
Head Coach - Soccer-Men Jose Vasquez SAC F-104 (714)564-6949
Head Coach - Soccer-Women Jessica Rapoza SAC F-101 (714)564-6914
Head Coach - Softball Kim Nutter SAC E-108 (714)564-6914
Head Coach - Swimming-Women Michelle Welsh SAC F-122 (714)564-6928
Head Coach - Track & Field-Women Miriam Mitzel SAC F-101 (714)654-6094
Head Coach - Volleyball-Women Troy Abbey SAC F-121 (714)564-6916
Head Coach - Water Polo-Men Alfred Reyes SAC F-122 (714)564-6928
Head Coach - Water Polo-Women Michelle Welsh SAC F-122 (714)564-6928
Head Coach - Wrestling Vince Silva SAC W-110 (714)564-6919


Science, Mathematics & Health Sciences

Interim Dean: Cher Carrera, Ed. D.
Office: SAC R-103
Phone: (714)564-6600

Associate Dean: Becky Miller
Health Science / Nursing
Office: SAC R-213
Phone: (714)564-6825

Department Chair(s) Location Phone Number
Biology Jorge Lopez

SAC R-303



William Nguyen

SAC T-105

(714) 564-6686

Health Sciences/Nursing Rosemarie Hirsch SAC R-213 (714)564-6825

Ken Sill​

SAC H-102-4


Medical Assistant

Catherine Emley SAC R-205 (714)564-6820
Planetarium​ Steve Eastmond SAC M-103​ (714)564-6680​
Physical Science​

Timo Budarz​ &

Claire Coyne

SAC R-328-1

& SAC R-217


& (714)564-6690