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Institutional Effectiveness & Accreditation Office

Bonita Jaros, Ph.D.
Institutional Effectiveness & Assessment Coordinator
Accreditation Liaison Officer
Phone: (714) 564-6989               
Office: A-101




The mission of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Accreditation is to foster consistent and continuous commitment to improving student learning and achievement of educational goals through coordinated planning structures and integrated program review at every institutional level.


The Institutional Effectiveness and Accreditation Office achieves its mission through four integrated goals:
·       Student Learning Outcomes/Achievement of Educational Goals
o   Assisting faculty in developing surveys for course and program-level assessment
o   Analyzing data (both quantitative and qualitative)
o   Assisting College Council to evaluate status of Institution-Set Standards for Improvement
o   Assisting  the Teaching Learning Committee in monitoring and assessing PA/PR capstone reports
·       Integrated Planning
o   Assisting College Council with Strategic Plan Updates
o   Assisting any participatory governance committee upon request
·       Accreditation
o   Providing leadership in gathering data and preparing updates on the status of internal Actionable Improvement Plans and ACCJC Recommendations
o   Providing leadership in the preparation of Reports to ACCJC
o   Assisting the President in preparation for external evaluation team visits
·       Communication
o   Keeping the college community updated on accreditation issues and  
       status of program review efforts
o   Maintaining an up-to-date web page
o   Reporting to President’s Cabinet upon request