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Mr. George Wright, M.S.
Criminal Justice Co-Department Chair (Distinguished Faculty Award Winner)
Former Police Officer, Probation Officer, Treasury Agent
Phone: 714-564-6817

Mr. Andy Gonis, PhD Candidate
Criminal Justice Co-Department Chair (Distinguished Faculty Award Finalist)
Retired Police Lieutenant, FBI National Academy Graduate
Phone: 714-564-6802
Office Location:    
Fax Phone: 714-972-8541  

What we do for you:
The Criminal Justice associate degree curriculum is designed to provide students with a solid base for additional study at a four-year institution and for entry level employment in federal, state, local or private criminal justice agencies. Completion of the law enforcement certificate program exceeds the minimum P.O.S.T. requirements for entry level employment as peace officers. Completion of course requirements listed for the law enforcement reserve officer provides students with the knowledge and skills in excess of those required by the California Commission on P.O.S.T. for entry level service as a reserve officer. The Law Enforcement Custody and Advanced Officer course offerings are designed to upgrade the skills and knowledge required for employed peace officers, and provide technical knowledge and skills based on new legal and or judicial rulings.


2014 Law Enforcement Option