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The Math Center is a resource center that provides individual and group assistance in mathematics. The Math Center also facilitates Directed Learning Activities. Faculty instructors, instructional assistants, and Student tutors are available to assist students with challenging topics, answer questions, encourage understanding, and provide support for all math students. Students also have access to textbooks, graphing calculators, instructional videos, and computer programs.

Math Center's Goals

  • To help some students further develop basic skills in mathematics and keep them coming to school.
  • To assist other students to further sharpen their pre-existing math skills and advance through math courses.
  • To guide all students toward success in math and encourage them to excel through their scholastic endeavors and beyond.




Monday thru Thursday
9:00AM - 7:50PM
10:00AM - 12:50PM

Room L-204 (Library's 2nd floor
Phone: 714-564-6678


1-on-1 tutoring