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Repeatability of Courses

Repeatability of Courses

Courses may be repeated under the following circumstances:

  • Substandard Work: when a student has earned a grade of D, F, NP (No Pass), the course may be repeated TWICE.
    Under extenuating circumstances, the Division Dean, or designee, may approve a petition to repeat the course more than once.  Even though a petition may be approved, the student loses the privilege of priority registration for that course.
  • Repeatable Courses: when a class is identified as repeatable in the Class Schedule, that course may not be repeated more than three times regardless of the grades received.  No portion of the class may be repeated to improve a student's grade point average.
  • Special Circumstances: under special circumstances, to be determined through petition at the Admissions and Records Office. Special circumstances are as follows: a significant lapse of time since the student previously completed the course, accident, illness, or other circumstances beyond the control of the student. Courses repeated under provisions of this section will be indicated as repeated on the permanent academic record of the student. Grades awarded for courses repeated under provisions of this section shall be counted in calculating a student's grade point average and the previous grade will be disregarded. Complete an A & G petition form. Submit this form to the Associate Dean of Enrollment Services with appropriate documentation and signatures.
  • Personal Interest Courses: the number of courses, which may be taken within an area of personal interest, is limited to a total of four courses. A personal interest area may be defined as:
    1. a physical activity such as tennis or swimming or circuit training;
    2. a performance activity such as concert band or choir or theater production; or
    3. a studio art activity such as ceramics or watercolor or painting. 

An exception to this policy is the student who is working toward a certificate and/or an associate degree in a particular discipline, which requires more than four courses in one or more activities at the transfer institution.

  • Variable Unit Courses: when a course is designated as repeatable and is also variable unit, the number of repeats dictates how many times the course may be enrolled in for credit.  A variable unit course which is not designated as repeatable may be registered for until the maximum number of units has been attempted.  No portion of the class may be repeated to improve your grade point average.
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