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College Level Examination Policies (CLEP)

College Level Examination Policies (CLEP)

Santa Ana College will grant a maximum of 30 units of credit for any combination of CLEP examinations passed with a score of 50 or higher (level II languages require a higher score). Although credit awarded through CLEP may be used to satisfy Santa Ana College graduation requirements, it cannot be used to satisfy the twelve unit residency requirement. Students who have earned credit from a CLEP exam should not take a comparable college course since credit will not be granted for both. Credit for some exams may be applied toward general education requirements for plans A and B per the following chart however credit may not be applied toward plan C. UC does not grant credit for CLEP examinations at this time. SAC course credit for CLEP examinations as well as use of exams for SAC prerequisite clearance and major requirements is granted according to the determination of the appropriate area dean in consultation with the department. See a counselor for more information. When credit is granted for an exam in lieu of a course, the units may not exceed the units given for the designated course at SAC. Submit official copies of CLEP test scores to the SAC Admissions and Records Office. Students are strongly advised to check with a SAC counselor and/or the Admissions Office of their transfer campus to determine how CLEP exams will be used to meet requirements at their transfer institution as policies may differ from SAC. 

Applications for CLEP credit are available in the Admissions and Records Office.

CLEP chart - click here

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