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Kinesiology Faculty and Staff

Instructor/Coach Sport Phone​ ​Office
Troy Abbey​Volleyball (W)​(714) 564-6916F-121​
Jaymie Baquero​Women's Soccer​714) 564-6914​F-101​
David Breig​Basketball (M)(714) 564-​6923​F-105
Tom NillesBaseball​(714) 564-6911​F-125
​Geoff Jones​Football​(714) 564-6926​F-116
Flo Luppani​Basketball (W)​(714) 564-6912​F-123
​Juli Macdonald​Kinesiology​(714) 564-6922​F-124
Miriam Mitzel​Cross Country (M&W) and
Track & Field (M&W)
​(714) 564-6094​E-101
Kim NutterSoftball​​(714) 564-6915​F-124
Adam NyssenFootball​(714) 564-6943​F-116
Al ReyesSwimming (M) & Water Polo (M)​​(714) 564-6928​F-122
Vince Silva​Wrestling​(714) 564-6919​W-110

​Brian Sos

Division Chair, Director of the Fitness Specialist Program ​(714) 564-6909​W-105
Jose Vasquez​Soccer (M&W)​(714) 564-6949​F-104


Administration/Staff Title Phone​Office
Susan Beers​Dean/Athletic Director​(714) 564-6900W-102
Brian Sos​Department Chair(714) 564-6909​​W-105
Laurie Abrahams​Men's Equipment(714) 564-​6925​F-114
​Jodi CoffmanAthletic Counselor​​(714) 564-6924E-109​
Cammie Lewis​Sports Information Coordinator​(714) 564-6934W-104
Jose Sanchez-UribeAthletic Trainer, Certified (ATC)​​(714) 564-6941​G-102
​Selina LievanosWomen's Equipment​(714) 564-6920​F-114​
​Anna Montoya​Administrative Secretary/Eligibility​​(714) 564-6902​​W-102
Nora SchugAthletic Trainer, Certified (ATC)​(714) 564-6940​G-102
Kaye SmithAdministrative Secretary​​(714) 564-6903​W-102


Fall Sports Spring Sports
Basketball (M) Winter​Baseball
Basketball (W) WinterSand Volleyball
​Cross Country (M&W)


FootballSwimming (M&W)
Soccer (M&W)Track & Field (M&W)
Volleyball (W)
Water Polo (M&W)
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