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Sports Medicine

Professional Studies: Sports Medicine Certificate of Proficiency

The mission of the Professional Studies program is to prepare Kinesiology majors for academic pursuits in the scientific study of human movement as well as vocational preparation for leadership roles developing education, fitness, recreation, and sport programs that improve quality of life for members of their communities.  We inspire future professionals to respect and appreciate the objective, scientific perspectives of how and why we produce movements as well as the subjective, artistic aesthetics of how well we move.

The Sports Medicine program provides a series of classes that will help give students a more complete understanding in all aspects in the field of sports medicine.

 Program Level Student Learning Outcomes:

 Course Level Student Learning Outcomes (sample syllabus provided): 

KNSM 101 ​KNSM 150 ​KNHE 101 KNHE 104 ​KNHE 105 ​KNHE 107 ​KNPR 125