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Major Requirements for OTA Degree


First Year

Semester I
OTA 100 Medical Terminology & Documentation - 1 unit
OTA 101 Foundations of Occupation and Occupational Therapy - 4 units
OTA 101L Exploration of Occupation - 2 units
OTA 110 Human Occupation Across Lifespan - 3 units

Semester II
OTA 102 Psychosocial Function and Dysfunction - 4 units
OTA 102L Psychosocial Components of Occupation - 2.5 units
OTA 115 Human Disease and Occupation - 2 units
Psych 250 Abnormal Psychology  - 3 units (This is the only course that may be taken prior to being enrolled in the program)
OTA 111 Applied Kinesiology - 1 unit

Second Year

Semester III 
OTA 103 Physical Function and Dysfunction - 4 units
OTA 103L Physical Components of Occupation - 2.5 units
OTA 201 Contemporary Models of Occupational Therapy Practice - 4 units

Semester IV
OTA 202 Level II Fieldwork Part I - 6 units
OTA 203 Level II Fieldwork Part 11 - 6 units

Units Required for Major: 45
College catalog provides detailed course descriptions.

Note: To ensure continuity of application of academic concepts, all fieldwork must be completed within 18 months following completion of academic preparation.

Effective Fall 2011, Psych 140 (Psychology of Adulthood and Aging) and Psych 157 (Intro to Child Psychology) or HUD 107 (Child Growth and Development) will no longer be a part of the core classes for the OTA program. They will be replaced by an OTA class entitled Human Occupation Across Lifespan. This change was made in response to a suggestion during our onsite ACOTE accredidation visit in April 2010.

In the past, student have been advised that Psych 140, Psych 157 or HUD 107, were classes that could be taken while waiting ot apply to the OTA program. If you have taken BOTH of these courses any time prior to Spring 2011 they will be accepted. However, they will not be accepted as a core clas if they were taken in Spring 2011 or later. This change will only impact students starting the program in Fall 2011 and later. There is no chnage in the four prerequisite courses to get into the program. Please feel free to contact our office with any questions.