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Equivalent Anatomy/Physiology Courses from other Colleges

Below you will find a list of some local colleges that offer equivalent Anatomy and Physiology courses. This list is not meant to be comprehensive, but rather should serve as a general guide. Please note that Santa Ana College also has articulation agreements with California Colleges and Universities; therefore, you may utilize the ASSIST system to find the most accurate and up-to-date information about certain course equivalencies. However, if you are still uncertain about a course, you may email the name of the college, course, and section number to the Program Assistant or the Counselor. *All information subject to change*    
​College​​ ​​Combined Courses ​Separate Courses
​Bakersfield ​Biol B18
​Biol 32 and Biol 33
​Barstow ​Biol 4 and Biol 5
​Cerritos ​A&P 120 ​A&P 150 and A&P 151
​A&P 130
​Chaffey ​Biol 424 and Biol 424L ​Biol 20 and Biol 22
​Citrus ​Biol 200 and Biol 201
​Coastline ​Biol C220 and Biol C225 (previously C170 and C175)
​College of the Canyons ​Biosci 204 and Biosci 205 ​Biosci 201 and Biosci 202
​Biosci 250
​College of the Desert ​BI-013 and BI-014
​Crafton Hills ​Anat 101
​Anat 150 and Anat 151
​Cypress ​Biol 210C ​Biol 231C and Biol 241C
​East Los Angeles ​Bio 20 ​Anat 1 and Physiol 1
​Physiol 6
​El Camino/Compton ​Anat 30 ​Anat 32 and Phys 31
​Anat 34A and Anat 34B
​Fullerton ​Anat 231F and Anat 240F
​Gavilan ​Bio 15 ​Bio 7 and Bio 9
​Glendale ​Bio 120 and Bio 121
​Golden West ​Biol G221 (previously G155) ​Biol G220 and Biol G225 (previously G170 and G175)
​Grossmont ​Bio 144 and Bio 145 ​Bio 140 and Bio 141 with 141L
​Irvine ​Bio 121 ​Bio 11 and Bio 12
​Long Beach City ​Anat 41 ​Anat 1 and Phys 1
Los Angeles City/Los Angeles Mission/Los Angeles Valley
​​Anat 1 and Phys 1
​Los Angeles Harbor
​Anat 001U with 001L and Physiol 001 with 001L
​Los Angeles Southwest ​Bio 20 ​Anat 1 and Physiol 1
​Los Angeles Trade Tech ​Bio 20 ​Anat 1 and Physiol 1
​Mission  ​Biosc 022 ​Biosc 047 and Biosc 048
​Moorpark ​Anph M01 ​Anat M01 and Phso M01
​Mt. San Antonio ​Anat 10A and Anat 10B
​Anat 35 and Anat 36
​Orange Coast ​Bio A221 ​Bio A220 and Bio A225
​Oxnard ​Anat R101 and Phso R101
​Palomar ​Zoo 145 and Zoo 145L ​Zoo 200 and Zoo 203
Pasadena City  ​Pyso 002A and Pyso 002B ​​Anat 025 and Pyso 001
​Rio Hondo ​Biol 125 and Biol 226
​Saddleback ​Bio 113 ​Bio 11 and Bio 12
​San Bernardino ​Biol 155 ​Biol 260 and Biol 261
​Biol 250 and Biol 251
​San Diego Mesa/Miramar ​Biol 160 ​Biol 230 and Biol 235
Santa Ana/Santiago Canyon Bio 149 Bio 239 and Bio 249
​Santa Monica
​ANATMY 1 or ANATMY 2 and Phys 3
​Southwestern ​Biol 190 ​Biol 260 and Biol 261
​UCLA Extension ​PHYSCI XL 13 and PHYSCI X 401 or PHYSCI XL 3
 ​Ventura ​Anph V01 ​Anat V01 and Phso 01​
​West Los Angeles
​Anat 1 and Phys 1