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Welcome to the Santa Ana College Dance Department! Our mission is to encourage ALL STUDENTS to discover the artist within and share their joy and passion for dance. We strive to support students' dreams and visions, and provide focused direction for dedication to academia and accomplishment of goals in education, dance training, and life-long learning​. We are committed to serving students who are interested in seeking transfer to 4-year universities, obtaining a dance certificate of achievement, exploring dance career opportunities, or simply embracing the connection of community and learning. Come join us to connect, grow, and inspire as movers and artists!



GR8 Weeks Classes!!
Virtual Live Dance Classes Starting April 12, 2021​

We will be offering:

​DNCE 120A Intro to Hip-Hop ​--> Tu/Th ​6:20p-8:45p / Sec. 96056

DNCE 120B Intermediate Hip-Hop --> Tu/Th 6:20-8:45p / Sec. 96189

DNCE 201B Ballet II --> Tu/Th 1:30p-3:25p​​ / Sec. ​99179

DNCE 213 Ballet III --> Tu/Th 1:30-3:25p / Sec. 99180

DNCE 214 Ballet IV --> Tu/Th 1:30-3:25p / Sec. 99181

DNCE 206B Modern Dance II --> Tu/Th 9:00a-11:05a / Sec. ​98962

DNCE 209 Modern Dance III --> Tu/Th 9:00a-11:05a / Sec. 98964

DNCE 210 Modern Dance IV --> Tu/Th 9:00a-11:05a / Sec. 98965

DNCE 219A Jazz Dance I​ --> Tu/Th 3:45p-5:40p / Sec. 98969

DNCE 219B Jazz Dance II --> Tu/Th 3:45p-5:40p / Sec. ​98970

DNCE 219B Jazz Dance II+ --> M/W 3:45p-5:40p / Sec. 98971​

DNCE 220 Jazz Dance III --> M/W 3:45p-5:40p / Sec. ​98972

DNCE 221 Jazz Dance IV --> M/W 3:45p-5:40p / Sec. 98973​

*Please go to the WebAdvisor​ for current class information

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Come Dance with US! 


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​For more information contact:
Heather Gillette, Chair
Phone: (714) 564-5640

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