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​​Dance Degree and Certificates​​​

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A.A. Degree in Dance 

The ​Santa Anta College Dance Department evaluates its program yearly to expand degree and course completion rates, sustain core standards, and enhance curriculum development. The training of the A.A. Dance Degree is rigorous, requiring four levels of ballet, jazz, and modern technique and four semesters of repertory and production experience. Dance majors are required to choreograph and produce a full-length work, study dance history, and complete the theoretical and movement applications of somatic practices. The curriculum and training are designed to prepare a student to meet the demands of the audition process and fulfill the standards of highly competitive, ​4-year university dance programs. Our graduates have achieved great success with completing the dance degree and being accepted into​ many prestigious universities, such as Arizona State University, Chapman University, CSU Fullerton, CSU Long Beach, UC Irvine, UC Los Angeles, UC Riverside, and San Jose State University.  

The A.A. Dance Degree​ required courses include:

  • Ballet technique

  • Modern technique

  • Jazz technique

  • Choreography

  • Dance History and Appreciation 

  • Performance and production credits

  • Somatics​ in Dance ​

Dance Certificate

The Dance Certificate is a program designed for the advanced dancer who is highly motivated and disciplined, and interested in pursuing a dancing career. Dance instructors, dance company performers, choreographers, and commercial dancers are just a few of the leading positions in the workforce and dance industry. The certificate includes choreography, ballet, jazz, and modern dance techniques, performance and production experience, as well as hip-hop, and commercial dance. Professional Studio Practices is also a required course as it prepares the student by learning a variety of teaching methods, instructi​​ng different dance genres appropriate to age and skill levels, and understanding dance studio management.

The Dance Certificate​ required courses include:  

  • Ballet technique

  • Commercial Contemporary​ dance

  • Hip-Hop technique​

  • Jazz technique

  • Modern technique

  • Choreography​

  • Performance and production credits

  • Professional Studio Practices​

Future Certificates ​

The Santa Ana College Dance Department continues to develop its relations with the SAC Career and Pathways program and the Career Education and Workforce Development program to keep updated with job market trends and partnering internships. The most prevalent and trending dancing careers are in teaching and most currently through social media and virtual platforms. The SAC Dance Department is developing new courses and certificates in the areas of teaching, dance and fitness, and dance film, preparing our students for meeting the demands of a new job market! STAY TUNED for more information!

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