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​​​​​​Production and Performance

The SAC Dance Department provides excellent training in production, choreography and performance through dance concerts performed on Phillips Hall Stage and on-campus SAC community venues. Fall residencies allow students to work with dance professionals learning repertory or participating in the creation of new works. Opportunities for performances outside of school are available through the Dance Touring Ensemble.  Auditions are required for placement in any dance concert production and the Dance Touring Ensemble.

Class Descriptions  

Auditions are required for all courses

  • ​Dance 107 Dance Concert Performance
  • Dance 204A Dance Production I (emphasis on performance)
  • Dance 204B Dance Production II (emphasis on choreography)
  • Dance 204C Dance Production III (emphasis on performance)
  • Dance 204D Dance Production IV (emphasis on choreography) ​
  • Dance 240A Repertory I
  • Dance 240B Repertory II
  • Dance 240C Repertory III
  • Dance 240D Repertory IV