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Biology Faculty

Professor Jennie Beltrán

Anatomy and Physiology

Office:  R-320
Phone:  714-564-6629

Professor Dan Goldmann

General Biology, Human Sexuality

Office:  R-204
Phone:  714-564-6612

Professor Jubal Hampton


Office:  R-316
Phone:  714-564-6727

Professor Charles Jang

Biotechnology, Botany

Office:  R-320
Phone:  714-564-6627

Professor Jorge Lopez

Cell & Molecular Biology, General Biology

Office:  R-316
Phone:  714-564-6616

Professor Kimo Morris

Animal Diversity, Marine Biology, Environmental Science

Office:  R-204
Phone:  714-564-6620

Professor Pat Mansfield

Online Anatomy and Physiology

Office:  R-217
Phone:  714-564-6615

Professor Patty Oertel


Office:  R-224
Phone:  714-564-6619

Professor Kathy Takahashi


Office:  R-224
Phone:  714-564-6628

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