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Santa Ana College

CARE Program

CARE (Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education) is a supplemental program to EOPS designed to provide the extra help that a student who is also a single parent may need to achieve his or her academic and career goals.  Upon successful completion of their educational goal, the expected outcome is that the CARE student will no longer need public assistance. 
Every CARE student is an EOPS student; therefore, the student must meet both EOPS and CARE program eligibility guidelines.  All CARE students are expected to comply fully with the EOPS Mutual Responsibility Contract in order to remain eligible for continued participation in EOPS/CARE.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for CARE you must:

  •     Be eligible for EOPS Program participation 
  •     Be eligible for CalWORKS or currently receiving cash aid 
        from  social services
  •     Be at least 18 years old
  •     Be single, head of household
  •     Have at least one child under 14 at the time of enrollment

As a CARE student, you will receive:

  •     Priority registration
  •     Extensive specialized counseling
  •     Early scheduling assistance
  •     Special orientations and semester-readiness activities
  •     Semester workshops & seminars
  •     Parenting information and referrals if needed
  •     Special activities such as "Winter Holiday Celebration" and 
        "Year End Recognition Event"
  •     The opportunity to attend special CARE student activities and 
  •     Other benefits available for eligible participants 

As a CARE student, you may be eligible for:

  •     Additional help with books and school supplies
  •     Meal vouchers for SAC cafeteria
For more information, contact Irma Fernandez (714) 564-6274 or  Ann Lockhart (714) 564-6238



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