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Where do you fit in our Biology Program?

  • General Biology: A series of courses for non-biology majors who need to fulfill their general education requirements. They can also serve as introductory courses for students pursuing advanced study in life sciences.
  • Animals and Plants: These courses study living organisms, animal and plant diversity, and their relationship to the environment. Some of these courses are required of majors in biology, medicine, forestry and agriculture. Biology 179, Biology 212, Biology 214.

  • Environmental, Ecology and Natural History: Biology 127, Biology 170, Biology 200, and Biology 259.

  • Cell Molecular and Genetics: Biology 211 and Biology 177.

  • Microbiology: Courses frequently required by health science majors, agriculture, biotechnology and ecology. Biology 139 and Biology 229.

  • Anatomy and Physiology: Courses frequently required by Health Science majors. Biology 149, Biology 239, and Biology 249.