Photography Degree

​Photography Degree: AA

Program Code: SAC.PHOT.AA

Program Control Number: 04224

The associate of arts degree in photography provides a foundation in basic photography processes combined with a high level of creative opportunity and individual expression. Enrollment in this program prepares transfer students to enter advanced degree programs at four-year institutions as well as to enter the field of photography in positions such as studio photographer, fashion photographer, museum/gallery photographer, photo journalist, and freelance photographer. Please consult a SAC counselor for information about course requirements for particular four-year institutions.

Learning Outcome(s): ​

1. Demonstrate visual literacy, including competency in the nonverbal languages of art and design.

2. Demonstrate competency in critical analysis and verbal and written responses to visual phenomena.

3. Possess general knowledge of the monuments, movements and principal artists of major art periods of the past and contemporary thinking on art, design and photography.

Require​​d Core Courses: 
Units: 27.5-
​ART 102 Survey of​ Western Art History II:
Renaissance through the Twentieth Century
PHOT 150 History of Photography

​ART 110 Two-Dimensional Design
​ART 124 Gallery Production
​PHOT 009 Photography Lab
​PHOT 180 Beginning Photography
​PHOT 185A Landscape Photography
​PHOT 191 Commercial Studio Practices
​PHOT 194 Digital Workflow
​PHOT 196 Introduction to Commercial Photography​3
​PHOT 291 Wedding and Quinceañera Photography​
​PHOT 292 Portrait Photography 

​Plus 3 units ​​from the following courses:
​ART 162 Digital Design with Photoshop-I
​ART 195 Introduction to Digital Media Arts
​PHOT 185B Landscape Photography
​PHOT 197 Intermediate Commercial Photography
​PHOT 294 Color Photographic Expression
Total: 30.5-