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A History of Success, A Future of Promise

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Alumni Hall of Fame Ceremony

  • October 2024
    Santa Ana College

​​​Foundation Staff

Now more than ever, the Santa Ana College Foundation team is committed to serving​ all our students, staff, and donors. 

Christina Romero, Executive Director, Office of Advancement & Foundation -, 714-564-6095

Kristin Ellsworth, Development Coordinator, Office of Advancement & Foundation -, 714-564-6075

Xochitl Swenson, Scholarship Coordinator, Office of Advancement & Scholarships -, 714-564-6995

Jose Corona, Student Program Specialist, Office of Advancement & Scholarships,, 714-564-6478

Sara Garcia, Administrative Secretary, Office of Advancement & Foundation,, 714-564-6091

Karen Retana, Sr. Clerk, Office of Advancement & Foundation,, 714-564-6908

With love,​​

The Santa Ana College Office of Advancement​

SAC Foundation Scholarship students

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