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Class Options

​​We offer classes in five dif​​ferent formats to meet​ your learning needs.  If you need help choosing the best option for you, we are here to help. 

Call u​s at 714-241-5782 or request information and we will call you.​

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This type of class takes place in a classroom at one of our school campuses.

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This is just like an in-person class but you use Zoom to meet instead of a classroom​. Your class will be held during a set class time where you will meet with your teacher and classmates.


This class is 100% online and there is not a set class time. You take part in learning activities using Canvas, an online learning platform. You communicate with your teacher and classmates through online discussions, video recordings and class activities.

Learn more about Canvas.

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H​YBRID 1 - Remote Live + In-Person
Part of this class is on Zoom. Part of this class takes place on campus. This is for classes that require 'hands-on' training such as our Automotive and Computer Repair programs.​

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H​YBRID 2 - Remote Live + Online
Part of this class is on Zoom. Part of this class takes place online. This class has a set class time where students will meet with their instructor and classmate. In addition, students are assigned learning activities to complete online using Canvas, an online learning platform.

This is for classes such as our Academic ESL program so students can get extra practice with their writing and grammar skills.