​​​​​​​​​​​Here you will find a list of our most popular high school diploma courses. Your previous transcripts and placement determines the number of classes you will need to complete.  

    ​​English Communication - 40 Credits 

    ​Reading Skills 1​
    Reading Proficiency
    English Funda​mentals 1
    ​English Fundamentals 2
    ​English Fundamentals 3
    English Fundamentals 4
    Composition 1
    ​Composition 2​

    ​​​Math - 20 Credits

    Math Fundamentals 1
    Consumer Math
    Pre-Algebra A
    Algebra 1B​​​

    Natural Scie​nce - 20 Credits

    ​Basic Science
    Earth Science
    Physical Science 1

    ​​Social and Behavioral Science - 30 Credits

    ​World Geography 1A
    U.S. History
    World History
    American Government

    ​​Humanities - 10 Credits

    ​Film as Art
    Understanding America through Art​​

    ​Electives - 40 Credits

    ​Any high school course 
    Work experience
    Leadership courses
    High school ready classes (ABE)
    English language classes 
    Career education classes​​

    To learn about add​itional course options, meet with a counselor or speak with your instructor. 

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