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    ​1. How do I register for an an Active Adults class?

    With the Active Adults program, you don't need to register for an individual class. By completing the Active Adults Registration form, you will have access to the online portal.  From the portal, you can access all of the classes we offer. When you attend a class, you are then registered in that course.
    ​​2. If I already have an Active Adults Username and password, do I need to re-enroll in the program each semester?

    No you don't.  Simply login to the the portal at the start of the new semester and start taking classes. When you attend a class, you are then registered in that course.
    3. Are all of the classes really free?

    Yes. Our classes are free to adults 18 and older that living in California. 
    4. How do I access classes?

    You access our classes via our Online Portal.  When you join a class, you will automatically be taken to the instructor's class session held via Zoom. 
    ​5. How can I communicate with my teacher?

    The email address of each instructor is included on their class webpage above.  You can also visit the Meet the Active Adults Instructors webpage. ​

    Need support? Contact us at 714-241-5782 or request information and we will contact you!