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    ​​Active Adults ​​​FAQS

    ​1. Who can take classes? 
    Anyone 18 and older living in California.
    ​2. Are all of the classes really free?
    Yes. Our classes are 100% tuition-free. If you choose, you can purchase materials/items for class projects and activities. (For example, you might want to use a Yoga mat in an exercise class.)
    ​3. How do I access classes?
    Once you register, your teacher will email you with a Zoom link for class prior to your class start date. You can click on this link from a computer, tablet or smart phone to access your class.
    ​4. How can I communicate with my teacher?
    You can email your teacher at anytime. Click here to learn more about our teachers. 

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    Classes in Our Community

    Learn more about classes offered at a community site near you!

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