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You can take the following classes alone or with an ESL core class.  These classes are offered in-person and online.

​Support Class Offerings
​English for Work:
Learn the English​ you need to communicate better in the work. Build vocabulary. Improve your listening skills and learn how to speak confidently with co-workers. 
Learn how to speak English clearly so others can easily understand you.  Learn how to make all 44 sounds in English so you can pronounce words correctly. ​
Improve your conversation skills so you can communicate clearly with others. ​​​Learn useful phrases and practice having common conversations with others. Two levels offered.
Basic Writing:
Learn the basics of the writing process and sentence structure so you can write with confidence. 
​Intermediate Writing:
Learn how to write various sentence structures and paragraphs. Develop writing strategies to improve organizational style.
​ESL Transition to College:
Prepare for transition to college by developing language skills, critical reasoning & thinking, and academic study skills. Completion of Advanced ESL levels or equivalent is recommended. Five high school elective credits may be granted for successful completion of the class.
Advanced Grammar Review & Essay Writing.​:
This course will provide intensive review and practice on essay writing. It will include topic/thesis statement and organization of complex ideas in body paragraphs by following essay models. The course will review adjective, noun, and adverb clauses, and parallelism in sentences. Five high school elective credits maybe awarded if students pass required course posttests/assessments with 80% or higher.

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