To make changes/corrections to your student record please SUBMIT this form and along with a copy of a Valid Form of Identification (such as a driver’s license, state ID card, passport) with your photo and signature. Please note that legal documentation will be required to process a first and/or last name change (legal documents include a copy of a marriage certificate, or court documents).


(Must conform to email format)
Do you need to change your name?
Do you need to change your address?
Do you need to correct your date of birth?

To upload a copy of a Valid Form of Identification (such as a driver’s license, state ID card, passport) with your signature you will need access to your RSCCD Microsoft Office 365 student account. Currently enrolled students are provided access to Microsoft Office 365. To Log into Microsoft Office 365, enter: in the browser address bar. Enter the college issued email address and your WebAdvisor password, then click the “Sign In” button.

For assistance with your Web Advisor password Click here.

Microsoft Office 365 User Email or ID: Use the SAC or SCC student Email address as the User ID. Student Email addresses are the Web Advisor ID or (e.g. or

Default Password: Use the Web Advisor Password. For assistance with the Web Advisor password Click Here. The default Web Advisor password for first time users is your date of birth in the Mmddyyyy format, with the first letter of the month capitalized (e.g. if your birthday is November 15, 2015 the default password would be Nov152015).

If you are not currently registered in classes and no longer have an active RSCCD office 365 student account SUBMIT THIS FORM without uploading the photo ID/documents and then EMAIL A COPY of the photo ID to the Admissions & Records office at (Include the full student name, date of birth, and student ID number (if available) that you provided on the Student Update Form). You will receive a confirmation email from the Admissions & Records office when your photo ID/documents are received. Upon receipt of all required documents we will process your Student Update Form.