Rancho Santiago Community College District: Update Record

The completion of this update record is a requirement for WIOA funding. Please complete for each student at the end of the term or as soon as they have left your class.

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  Got a job
  Got a better job
  Entered training program
  Increased wages
  Retained job
  Met work-based project goal
  Entered job training
  Training milestone
  Entered apprenticeship
  Entered military
  Acquired workforce readiness skill

  Gained computer/tech skills
  Mastered course competencies
  Skills progression
  Enrolled in secondary program
  Entered college/university
  Transferred to credit
  Received AA or AS degree
  Received BA or BS degree
  Attained credential
  Entered graduate studies
  Received post-graduate degree
  Occupational skills licensure
  Occupational skills certificate

  Increased involvement in children’s education
  Met personal goal
  Met other family goal
  Obtained permanent residence
  Attained US Citizenship
  Achieved US Citizenship skills
  Registered to vote or voted for first time
  Increased involvement in community activities
  Other family outcome
  Other community outcome
  Increased involvement in children’s literacy activities