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David Valentin Receives State
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L to R: Norm Fujimoto, David Valentin and Christina Romero

At its 2008 annual convention held November 20-22, the Community College League of California honored Santa Ana College alum David Valentin with one of five 2008 Distinguished Alumni Awards. This recognition was earned in stiff competition among graduates of community colleges spanning the state of California.

A native of Santa Ana, David Valentin is today the commander of Human Resources in the Santa Ana Police Department. Raised in a single-parent home in central Santa Ana, David has concentrated his life on giving back to the individuals and learning institutions that he believes provided him with unlimited opportunities.

David attended Santa Ana primary schools from the Head Start program to grade 12, graduating from Saddleback High School. In 1987, he entered Santa Ana College, obtaining an Associate in Arts degree in Liberal Studies in 1990.

He joined the Santa Ana Police Department and began what would turn into a remarkable career, both for David and for his community. David was so inspired by the potential of his new job that he returned to Santa Ana College to further his education. In 1992 he obtained an Associate in Science degree in Criminal Justice.

During his 18 years with the Santa Ana Police Department, David has been steadily promoted through the ranks to his current assignment as commander of Human Resources Division, responsible for department-wide personnel recruitment and retention with a focus on diversity. He has worked in all of the major functions of the department, with experience as an Internal Affairs Inspector and Patrol Sergeant, ensuring the department’s community-oriented policing strategies were implemented. David also worked as an investigator in the Gang Unit and the Sexual Assault Unit within the Crimes Against Persons Division.

Today David resides in the city of Orange with his wife Doreen and two daughters, ages three and five. But his commitment to the community that nurtured him as a youngster extends beyond his impressive on-duty career. David has also been a leader for five years in the Stay in School Program; served as a School Resource Officer; helped the Medical Clinic Task Force address unlicensed and inadequate medical care; implemented a Parent Academy to equip families to prevent gangs and juvenile delinquency; coordinated the rededication of the West-End Policing Substation as a Community Resource Center; developed the largest Career Expo and Open House in more than 20 year, and was invited to participate in the 2007 and 2008 Orange County Young Men’s Conferences as an advocate for higher education.

Colleagues in the Santa Ana Police Department observe, “I have seen a limited number of individuals with the drive, focus and genuine leadership qualities that Commander Valentin possesses.” “He cares deeply about the community and those with whom he works.” “You have received well deserved praise from residents, staff and your peers.” “Your leadership has been a positive contribution in enlisting the support of the community.” David Valentin has emerged as an ambassador of good will, building bridges between the Santa Ana Police Department and the diverse populations it serves. Santa Ana College is honored to have played a role in equipping him to fulfill his dreams, and the Community College League of California is proud to present him with one of its 2008 Distinguished Alumni Awards.

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