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Jose Vargas and RFG Scholarship Honors Santa Ana Policeman

Jose Vargas and Roberto Gallegos

Roberto Gallegos came to the United States from Ecuador in 1983. He became a citizen and served in the Marine Corp. from 1986-1991. He founded a business in Santa Ana, the RFG Bank, which provides home loans to aspiring home owners, helping them to fulfill the American dream. He loves the USA, calling it a land of opportunity and he looks for ways to give back to the community which has allowed him to prosper.

One such way is at his business in Santa Ana where Roberto has set up a small business center to help fledging business owners get their feet on the ground.

Roberto is also a frequent speaker in the schools and at community groups, encouraging kids to study, work hard, and build a future for themselves. He has been joined in his efforts of speaking by Jose Vargas, a long-time, highly respected policeman in Santa Ana. Roberto frequently heard him in the schools, talking to the kids and their parents with his message that no drugs and hard work can lead to a great life.

“Jose is an inspiration to me and to others,” Roberto says. “Jose teaches us all how to be better people, both with his words and his example. He has won many awards, but he is most proud of being an American citizen. I told him that one day I would set up a scholarship in his name, and I am grateful that I could it.”

In 2004 with a $20,000 endowment to Santa Ana College, the Jose Vargas and RFG Scholarship was established. Because it is an endowment, the principal is invested and the income it generates is used to help students achieve their educational goals. Roberto Gallegos found a way to pay tribute to a man he respects and to support the community he loves with this gift that will continue to give, year after year.

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