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Fast Track 60-80

Fast Track 60-80​

Fast Track 60-80 is an intense 16 week class that covers Math 60 & Math 80 in their entirety. This class is designed to accelerate students through their basic skills math classes to accomplish their educational goals.

The class meets every day M-Th. Currently the classes are offered Fall 2014. My class will be offered 2:45 - 4:50/5:35 p.m. Ticket #87999 & 88045 in room I-102

Students must concurrently take a 2 unit counseling class 

See a counselor in counseling to register. 714-564-6161.

"You can’t fly with eagles when you keep walking with turkeys"

Fly with eagles. Keep Company with eagles – people who know what it takes to make dreams come true, people who are positive! Keep your heart and mind fixed on your goal. If you’re sure a dream is workable, then find ways to work it! Seek guidance and support from the eagles in your life. Never be afraid to ask questions and seek help. ​


FastTrack Class Math 60-80 Fall 2013

 Intermediate Algebra