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Thank You Bud! - Vera Jimenez

​​​​Vera Jimenez

Vera Jimenez

Years with el Don: 1995-1998

Role: Staff Writer and Page Editor

Where are they now? After graduating from Cal State Long Beach and Mississippi State, Vera became the KTLA meteorologist since 2010.  

What is your favorite memory of Bud?

So many [memories], but my favorite was walking into the newsroom on cold days and I’d see Bud holding his coffee cup to his forehead. I still do that sometimes and think of him. By the way, it really does work!

What was the best advice you received from Bud?

The best piece of advise he gave me was to write about what I know, to major in something other than journalism and to get out of print and move into television.

How would you describe your experience on the el Don with Bud as your advisor?

It’s because of my experience at el Don that I encourage all students to start at a community college. Bud was tough because he wanted the best out of us. He was encouraging because he recognized potential and talent. He was honest because even little white lies can stunt your growth.

Farewell message…

Bud you’re a blessing to those around you, especially the students and people you work with at SAC. Integrity and excellence are not east to find, but when you do the combination leaves a brand, and that’s exactly what you’ve done at el Don. Congratulations Bud!