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Thank You Bud! - Dorian Zavala


​​Dorian Zavala

Dorian Zavala

Years ​with el Don: 2018-Active

Role: Staff Writer and Sports Editor

What is your favorite memory of Bud?

To say that I was nervous like a kid in a new school was an understatement. Nonetheless, when I walked into the newsroom, Bud and the staff made me feel welcomed. Slowly, but surely, Bud became my mentor and a person I can count on to keep it real with me.

What was the best advice you received from Bud?

The one thing that Bud taught me that I will always carry with me is to have integrity in everything you do – take pride in the work you do. He never accepted mediocrity and because of that it made me a better reporter but it also made me a better person.

How would you describe your experience on the el Don with Bud as your advisor?

I will always remember from my time at the el Don is the time spent during production, the friendships I created there, but most importantly the amount of work it takes to put a national award winning issue.

Farewell message…         

Thank you Bud for all the lessons you taught me, but thank you even more for being a friend. Enjoy your retirement, you deserve it.