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Thank you Bud! - Marta Konarska

​​Marta Konarska

Marta Konarska

Years with el Don: 2018-2019

Role: Staff Writer

What is your favorite memory of Bud?

I will never forget how much I learned about journalism while being there with Sarah, Bud and my classmates. Personally, I felt like we often understood each other because of our backgrounds. He grew up in Alabama and I grew up in a rural area in Poland.

What was the best advice you received from Bud?

One thing that Bud taught me would be when he said “skills give you confidence." I realized it's hard work that requires tough skin and perseverance, and also that we must never stop learning.

How would you describe your experience on the el Don with Bud as your advisor?

I think Bud's approach to teaching was really good, as well as always pointing out important and interesting things worth remembering.

Farewell message…

I always felt like he is a good person to look up to. He left [Alabama] and gained all of this experience and knowledge to be the person he is today, and without forgetting where he came from. And that is, I believe, a great thing. He will be missed.​​