Patricia Waterman

Professor of Art
Head of the 3D Animation Certificate Program

Work Experience:

2001 to present: Professor of Fine Arts, Santa Ana College

Developed curriculum for and teach digital 3D modeling, texturing & lighting, and 3D animation courses. Created two certificate programs for Santa Ana College titled, “3D Animation-Art Emphasis”, and “3D Animation – TV/Video Emphasis”. Class titles include, “ 3D Character Animation”, “Fundamentals of 3D Animation”, “Advanced 3D Animation”, “Texturing and Lighting 3D Scenes”, “Fundamentals of 3D Modeling”, “Advanced 3D Modeling”, and “3D Applied”.

2008 Animation Festival Program lead for the Animation Celebration.

The purpose of the event is to promote Orange County schools’ animation programs by sponsoring a county-wide competition, exhibit and awards ceremony. The 2008 Animation Celebration is sponsored by the Orange County department of education’s O.C. Animation Project and hosted by the O.C. Fair.

1998 to present: Owner, Waterman Animation

Waterman Animation is a full service multimedia arts studio, specializing in 3D. Projects have included producing 3D animated elements, models texturing and lighting for corporate videos, and games, conceiving, and producing cd-rom based “adver-games”, building, texturing, and animating talking company mascots, animating Microsoft Agents, and developing real-time 3D interactive, and 2D interactive presentations for the marketing of many types of products and services. Client list has included: Interplay, Wal-Mart Corp., MGM,, Wonderware, and Callaway.

1998 to 2002: Instructor of 3D Arts, University of California, Irvine-Extensions

Taught digital 3D modeling, texturing & lighting, and 3D animation courses. Created the curriculum for the digital 3D Arts emphasis of the Digital Arts Certificate Program for the University of CA, Irvine – Extensions. Class titles include, “Character Animation”, “3D Animation”, “Texturing and Lighting 3D Scenes”, “3D Modeling”, and “Real World Applications of 3D”.

1995 to 1998: 3D Artist, Big Grub

Big Grub was a video game company based in Irvine, CA. Main project was the creation of a real-time 3D/2D -base game titled, “Maximum Gage”, financed by MGM.

1991 to 1995: Owner, Graphic Designer, Sales, WB & Associates

WB & Associates was an advertising company based in San Francisco, CA. By implementing aggressive, and innovative marketing strategies that proved to generate new and repeat customers for businesses, WB and Associates rapidly built a client list of hundreds.


Author of “3D Artist’s Guide to Real World Applications” Year of Publication: 2003


1989: Received B.F.A. from Art Center College of Design. Major: Illustration


2007 Runner-up for Distinguished Faculty Award from “The Profiles in Excellence” committee, Santa Ana College
2004 to 2009 Received recognition for “Excellence in Teaching” award (category: “3D Modeling” and/or “3D Animation”) from the California Community College Economic Development Program, under the Media/Multimedia/Entertainment Initiative
2004: Received Publications award from “The Profiles in Excellence” committee, Santa Ana College for the publication of “3D Artist’s Guide to Real World Applications”.
2003: Received Curriculum Development award from “The Profiles in Excellence” committee, Santa Ana College.
2002: Received extensive media coverage for the formation of the
“Santa Ana College 3D Animation Competition” The judges include 3D
artists from DreamWorks, Pixar, Lucas Films, and more.


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