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Our purpose is to provide transitional counseling and support through individual and group programs, case management, and access to local services that help Veterans as they begin their new lives after military service.

Appointments available Monday through Thursday.  
Please call (949) 505-5015 x 5 to schedule an appointment!   Please make sure to mention that you're a SAC student veteran, or spouse, or dependent.
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About Strength and support

Strength in Support’s (a 501c3, Tax ID 46-1896501) founding board members have served veterans and their families in Southern California for decades through their private clinical practices and informal mentoring. In the last few years, as they saw how military funding did not meet the needs of the simultaneous wars over the past decades and how lack of funding impacted veterans services available and wait-times and reduced advocacy for military families, they knew something needed to change. Thus a small group of passionate people, including veterans, military family members, therapists, and businesspeople formed SIS.

Why Are We Needed

Extensive family services are not offered by the VA, while our low-cost counseling, free mentorship, and workshops are open to military members and their families.
SIS provides faster access to needed services such as counseling. Wait-times for services can take nearly two years with the VA, compared to immediate responses, minimal wait times, and less paperwork at SIS.
As a nonprofit organization, it is not required and even prohibited that SIS share details of mental health status and treatment that could affect veterans’ military records and careers. Practicing under Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations, SIS ensures the privacy of our clients.
While the VA does its best to support veterans, as a small nonprofit, SIS is able to treat each veteran and family member as an individual, not only tailoring counseling sessions, but even workshops and events to fit the current needs of our clients.
SIS acknowledges the efforts of other nonprofit organizations dedicated to serving veterans and their families, as there are organizations offering counseling, education, workforce development, housing, and other supportive services to veterans. However, there are very few who offer our comprehensive range of services under a mission focused solely on military members and their families. Furthermore, we are not aware of any other formalized program that specifically facilitates veteran and family mentor relationships here in Orange County.
We believe that this combination of individualized clinical treatment, mentoring, and education can help veterans progress toward healing and reengagement in community life. Our staff and volunteers acknowledge and understand the sacrifices these families make, and we are passionate about doing whatever we can to meet their needs.
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Available Programs

SIS serves all military and family members, including active, non-active, reserve, guard, or veteran, from any branch of the military to address their challenges in a timely, competent, and supportive manner. All ages are welcome, and while no family will be turned away, most are low-income. As described in our mission statement, SIS structures its programs on three pillars: (1) Counseling, (2) Mentorship, and (3) Workshops.

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Veterans Resource Center
Building M-120
1530 W. 17th. St.
Santa Ana, CA 92703
Contact us:

Phone: (949) 505-5015

Hours at the VRC:
Mon, Tues, Wed. 
Call (949) 505-5015  x 5 for an appointment.

*Closed on District Holidays, hours are subject to change without notice.

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The 'Drop Zone' is a collaboration between SAC and County of Orange Health Care Agency. Our purpose is to provide transitional counseling and support through individual and group programs, case management, and access to local services that help Veterans as they begin their new lives after military service.

To sign up for a session at the Santa Ana College Veterans Resource Center - with our outreach representative or county liaison - please visit or call the VRC front desk and provide your name, Student ID, and phone number next to your preferred time.  We look forward to meeting with you to discuss your new mission in life.

Veterans Resource Center
Building R-101
1530 W. 17th. St.
Santa Ana, CA 92703
Phone: (714) 564-6050


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