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Personal Counseling Services

​Appreciation for Human Differences

Psychological Services Staff is a diverse, multicultural group of professionals. We continually strive to provide SAC students, faculty, and staff with professional services which demonstrate sensitivity and respect for human differences (e.g., age, gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability, language, and socio-economic status), as evidenced by a commitment to receiving the additional training and consultation necessary to ensure the provision of responsive and culturally-competent services.

Eligibility for Services

At Psychological Services, we offer personal counseling services to currently registered SAC students. Students are required to pay the Health fee as part of their registration to SAC. 

What is personal counseling?

Individual, short-term counseling can assist you in clarifying your concerns, assessing the effectiveness of previously attempted solutions, and generating new coping strategies. Most students experience some amount of apprehension about first meeting with a counselor. You may be wondering what will happen, how you will react, what your therapist will be like, and whether or not the experience will be truly helpful. Most students report that these feelings pass with time, and that they benefit a great deal from their counseling experience. We encourage you to discuss any feelings of apprehension you may have about counseling with your intake counselor.
Our clinical staff consists of licensed psychologists and advanced doctoral students preparing for careers in counseling and clinical psychology. Services are offered to you as a SAC student at no charge and are completely confidential within the limits of the law.

When Should People Seek Counseling?

Students commonly seek personal counseling when they encounter a level of distress which they feel unable to handle alone. In the past, students have most commonly sought individual or group counseling services at Psychological Services to address the following issues:
Anxiety/Persistent Worry/Panic Attacks
Depression/Apathy/Low Energy/Poor Motivation
Relationship Issues/Difficulty with Intimacy
Eating Disorders/Episodic Binge Eating/Restricted Intake
Family Issues
Sexual Problems/Dysfunction
Low Self-Esteem
Sexual Assault/Abuse Loneliness
Sleep Disturbance
Abusive Relationships
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