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Student Rights And Responsibility

Student has the right:
Ø  To receive considerate and respectful care at Student Health Services.
Ø  To receive an explanation of your nursing assessment, treatment, and prognosis in terms you can understand.
Ø  To receive the necessary information to participate in decisions about your care and to give your informed consent before any treatment or therapeutic procedure is performed.
Ø  To refuse treatment, and to be informed of the consequences of making this decision.
Ø  To expect that your personal privacy will be respected by all staff.  This includes protection from access to your confidential information by faculty and non-health service staff that are not responsible for direct health care, and by other students working at the health service not trained or qualified to provide care.
Ø  To expect that your medical records will be kept confidential and will be released only with your written consent, in cases of medical emergencies, or in response to court-ordered subpoenas. (Confidentiality can be violated if the individual poses a significant threat of harm to self or others).
Ø  To know the names and positions of people involved in your care by personal introduction and identification badges.
Ø  To review any medical records created and maintained by the Student Health Services regarding your care and treatment.
Student is responsible:
Ø  For providing accurate and truthful information about your past health history.
Ø  For asking questions if you do not understand the explanation of your assessment, treatment, or any other instructions.
Ø  For providing the necessary personal information to complete your medical record.
Ø  For arriving at your appointment on time, or notifying Student Health Services that you will be late.
Ø  For canceling or rescheduling an appointment you cannot attend.   If an appointment is missed twice Student Health Services has the right to refuse to schedule future appointments for the student. 

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