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Terms and Conditions of Receiving Financial Aid

​As a financial aid recipient, you are responsible for understanding and agreeing to the following terms of your financial aid award:

  1. As a financial aid recipient, you agree to report to the Office of Financial Aid any additional resources not included in your Award Letter that you will receive for educational expenses, including scholarships or grants from outside sources. You understand that this information could result in changes to the types and amount of financial aid offered.
  2. You understand that all financial aid offers are contingent upon the availability of funds.
  3. You understand that the financial aid offered is available for payment only if you are enrolled in classes during the semester(s) indicated on your award letter. You understand that your Financial Aid Award Letter reflects your eligibility based on full-time enrollment and that your payments may be adjusted for part-time enrollment.
  4. If your award letter indicates that your Spring 2015 payments are pending completion of the Over 70 Units Appeal process, you understand that you are required to complete the Over 70 Unit Appeal Process for Fall 2014.  Please ask for the Over 70 units appeal form.  If your appeal is approved, you will be notified by mail regarding your payment status for Spring 2015.
  5. You understand that you may sign up for a Stafford Loan workshop if you wish to borrow under the Stafford Loan program. Workshops are held in September, October, November, February, March and April.  Appointments for the workshops are scheduled at the Financial Aid Office.  All borrowers (new and previous borrowers) are required to attend a workshop for each loan.
  6. You have read and understand the enclosed Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.  You understand that to receive financial aid you:
               a. must be enrolled and
               b. maintain satisfactory academic progress for financial aid during each semester of the award period.
  7. You understand that the Office of Financial Aid reserves the right to review or modify a financial aid offer at any time because of changes in your financial status, eligibility for financial aid, or changes in federal, state or institutional fund availability.  In addition, your award offer may be void or one or more financial aid program(s) may be canceled if it is based on any error in determining eligibility or determining the amount of financial aid, whether the error was made by you or the Office of Financial Aid.
  8. You understand that you may receive financial aid at only one school for the same period of enrollment.
  9. You understand that this offer of financial aid is for the 2014-2015 academic year and that you must re-apply and re-establish eligibility for financial aid each school year.

    Disclaimer: All information contained in this enclosure is accurate and current as of the date of this document. Information is subject to change as a result of federal and state legislation as well as Rancho Santiago Community College District policies. January  2005

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