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Information for Prospective Students

Individuals who are interested in enrolling at Santa Ana College and think will be eligible for the program are encouraged to contact DSPS and schedule an appointment. Assistance with enrolling into the college, applying for financial aid and on-line registration will be provided if needed prior to the beginning of each semester.  
Upon determining eligibility for the program, specific suggestions regarding appropriate accommodations and course load will be made. The accommodations that are provided to students are based on the student’s unique needs and the courses that the student is registered for during a particular term. Some accommodations that may be provided through the DSPS program are the following: extended time on examinations, administration of exams in distraction reduced settings, permission to tape record lectures, and priority registration. In addition, students who are eligible for the program will have a contact person to check- in with about academic progress each semester as needed. 
DSPS students are culturally diverse students with various life experiences and histories. Therefore the DSPS Program strives to meet the needs of the evolving Santa Ana Community College population in order to support educational and career attainment.  We encourage students to stay connected to the program and participate in the services we offer as an additional support.  We attempt to create an environment that feels safe to ask for assistance and provide feedback about how we can improve the program.  
Please note, that when students meet with a program professional, students may be advised to take a reduced course load or may be given suggestions about courses to register for based on an assessment of the student’s history in academic settings, established goal(s), and current level of functioning.  
You are welcome to bring a parent, partner, or family member to your appointment.
Please feel free to schedule an appointment to obtain more information about the program or to inquire about your eligibility. 

Who is Eligible for Services?

Students with a documented disability can apply to the program.  Students will be asked to provide verification of their disability prior to receiving accommodations. Eligibility for accommodations and services is made by the Disabilities Program professional staff, consistent with State and Federal law and California Community College policy. Program professionals reserve the right to request supplemental information to verify a student’s current functional limitations. Please schedule an appointment to obtain further information regarding eligibility for the program and accommodations.
  • The student must provide written verification of his/her disability from a qualified health professional.
  • The student has a functional limitation in the educational setting that can be addressed with DSPS support services.

How Do I Apply for DSPS Services?

  1. Complete the DSPS Application for Services form.
  2. Call (714) 564-6264 to schedule an intake appointment with a DSPS faculty member or DSPS Specialist. This appointment is approximately 1 to 1.5 hours long. You can bring completed forms to this appointment.
  3. Complete the top portion of the Disability Verification Form and give it to your health professional. The form must be submitted to DSPS in order to receive services and accommodations.
  4. We will schedule an appointment with a program professional to review your responsibilities, discuss your goals, educational contract, strengths and weaknesses and identify accommodations that will assist you during your time in Santa Ana College.
  5. We will orient you to the steps for enrolling in the college, getting started such as registering for classes, taking entry exams, applying for financial aid and choosing and registering for classes.
 Above are links to forms that you can print and complete prior to your first appointment.  Remember to bring these forms to your first appointment to expedite the process.  Completion of the forms is not necessary for you to schedule and attend your first appointment. 
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