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Common Services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students


Academic counseling is available to you through the counseling center. In addition, you may receive academic counseling specific to your hearing loss and related needs from the Faculty Coordinator or Student Services Specialist in the DHHP office.  The choice is yours and of course, we encourage you to use both resources.  The DHHP has a special money from a Career and Technical Education grant that provides specialized guidance in CTE programs for deaf and hard of hearing students.  Please ask in the office for more information.   


ALDs  As an approved accommodation, an FM based assistive listening device (ALD) is available for you to borrow for use in your classrooms.  The equipment is loaned to you at the beginning of each semester.  You are expected to replace the batteries for the semester at your own expense. At the end of each semester you are to return the ALD to the DHHP office for cleaning and restoration.  If you fail to return the ALD a hold will be placed on your record and you will not be allowed to register again until the unit is returned. 


SAC is committed to making the audio/video materials used in the classroom accessible. Your instructors have access to captioning services through the Alternative Media office in DSP&S.  The videos, movies and other audio video presentations in your classroom are to be captioned. This does not mean you have to forfeit you right to have the material interpreted by an interpreter; it is your option to use both.  If your instructor is using non-captioned materials in the classroom, please contact Angela Tran and provide the name and section number of the class as well as the instructor’s name. 


As an approved accommodation, for deaf or hard of hearing students who do not benefit from sign language interpreters, a Computer Aided Real Time (CART) captionist may be provided. This service involves a captionist attending class with the deaf or hard of hearing student with a steno machine and a laptop computer. The words of the instructor are recorded by the captionist and appear on the monitor of the laptop for the student to read in real-time.  A transcript or ‘notes’ will be provided to the student within 24 hours after the class ends. 


As an approved accommodation, the instructor for your class will ask a fellow student to volunteer to take notes for you. The DHHP office has special note taker paper for you to give your volunteer note taker. After each class the note taker will give you a copy of the day’s notes for your use. 


Preferential seating allows you to select the most appropriate seat in the classroom that maximizes your ability to see the interpreter and instructor or to ensure you have hearing and visual access to the instructor and students in the class.  If you need to, you may ask another student to give up their seat if that seat would be the best seat for you in the classroom. 


As an approved accommodation, you may benefit from priority registration (being one of the first groups allowed to register for classes each semester). This allows the DHHP office to schedule necessary in class accommodations and provides an opportunity to select appropriate instructors and schedules.  


As an approved accommodation, sign language interpreters are provided for communication access to your educational program.  Interpreters must be requested by the student each semester. Interpreters at Santa Ana College have a variety of certifications and trainings and all meet a rigorous standard for employment.  


Deciding your future career goals can be challenging.  The Faculty Coordinator and Student Services Specialist at SAC can assist you in your decision making process.  We can share with you the vocational training opportunities at SAC, guide you through your decision making process and assist you in appropriate course selection.  If you are a client of the Department of Rehabilitation we will work closely with you and your counselor, guided by your Individual Plan for Employment, to access services and maximize your time at Santa Ana College.
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