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PresenterWorkshop TitleHandoutsPresentation
Dr. Mary FunaokaKeynote Address  
Mrs. Lori SadlerChange the World!  Be a Special Educator!Change the World Be a Special Educator.pdfChange the World Be a Special Educator.ppt
Mrs. Shauhna FeitlinGetting To The Core of Mathematics  Getting to the Core of Common Core.pptx
Mrs. Mary NguyenFrom Chaos to Calm  
Dr. Mary FunaokaI Like to Move It, Move ItI Like to Move It Move It.pdfI Like to Move It Move It.pptx
Mrs. Olga CammerEngineering Design Process  Engineering Design Process.pptx
Mrs. Maggie MaberyTablet Invasion in the Classroom Tablet Invasion in the Classroom Prezi
Dr. Mathew BarnettGroup Collaboration and Dialogue: Strategies for Planning and Using Academic Dialogue in your Classroom SocraticSeminarHandoutsRTTC.pdf Group Collaboration and Dialogue
Mrs. Mary NguyenWork Smarter, Not Harder with Google Drive  
Dr. Melinda PiersonActive Engagement Strategies for All LearnersActive Learning Strategies.pdfActive Learning Strategies.ppt
Mrs. Shauhna FeitlinLet's Talk Numbers  Number Talks .pptx
Dr. Mary FunaokaI Like to Move It, Move ItI Like to Move It Move It.pdf

I Like to Move it Move It

Dr. Mathew BarnettLanding a Teaching Position: Nailing Your Interview! LandingYourFirstJobAppointmentPartners.pdf Landing a Teaching Position​
Dr. Janice Myck-WayneExploring the World of Early Childhood Special Education  Exploring the World.pptx
Mrs. Maggie MaberyTablet Invasion in the Classroom Tablet Invasion in the Classroom
Dr. Trudy NamanWeb 2.0  Web 2.0
Ms. Caren BautistaPathways to TeachingTeaching pathway_General.pdf Teacher Preparation RTTC 2016.pptx
Mr. Richard Woo & Mr. John BerkleyCoding Pathway Thru Robotics  
Ms. Alyson HoberechtPOSITIVE Classroom Management and Discipline Strategies: Balance Consequences with Care Growth Mindset Packet.pdf 
Mrs. Kristine QuinnMusic in the ClassroomMusic in the Classroom.pdfMusic in the Classroom.pptx
Mrs. Marsha Johnson & Mrs. Teresa AceroScience Notebooking for K-3 ClassroomsSTEM Science Notebooking.pdfSTEM Science Notebooking.pptx
Dr. Kathryn Glasswell & Dr. Erica Bowers Using Picture Books to Explore Critical Thinking in Elementary/Middle School ClassroomsUsing Picture Books.pdfUsing Picture Books.ppt
Ms. Joy CordiaMarketing Yourself to Land a Teaching Position RoadtoTeaching_JCordia_11192016.pdf
Ms. Susie ValdezWorking with Young Children: Careers and PathwaysWorking with Young Children.pdf 
Panel of TeachersTeachers Tell It All: New and Veteran Teachers Panel  
Mrs. Nancy MikhailAppealing to Different LearnersAppealing to Different Learners Handouts.pdfAppealingtoLearners FULL PDF.pdf
Ms. Caren BautistaWhat to Expect When You Are Testing: CBEST and CSET FAQ'sCBEST CSET.pdf Caren Bautista - CBEST_CSET 2016.pptx
Ms. Alyson HoberechtInspire a POSITIVE Growth Mindset in Yourself and Your Students   Postive Classroom Management Packet.pdf 
Mr. Julio FloresDual Immersion 101 (Bilingual Education)  Engineering Design Process​






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