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CASHIER'S OFFICE (VL-205B - Student Business Office)

Operation Hours:         Monday-Friday:  8:00am - 5:00pm*   (*Hours are subject to change)
Phone:    (714) 564-6965

To Pay Online:  You will need to access the Online Student Information/WebAdvisor system with your student ID# and PIN number.   


  • Enrollment fees        = $46.00 per unit  (all students)

  • Nonresident tuition   = $293.00 per unit  (This includes capital outlay fee of $35 and tuition of $258)

Non-resident tuition is required of all out-of-state and international students.

*All fees and tuition are subject to change by the state legislature, or Community College Board of Governors, or District Board of Trustees.

HEALTH FEE (Mandatory)

  • Fall and Spring  = $19.00
  • Intersession and Summer  = $16.00

Health Fee Exemptions (Education Code 76355)

Any student who depends exclusively upon prayer for healing in accordance with the teachings of a bona fide religious sect, denomination, or organization, provided that the student presents documentary evidence of an affiliation with such a bona fide religious sect, denomination or organization. 


  • Per semester    = $2.00

Student Representation Fee (Education Code 76060.5)

The $2 mandatory Student Representation Fee is used by the Associated Student Government (ASG) to represent the view of students with governmental agencies.

MATERIAL FEE (Textbooks and Supplies)

  • Textbooks, supplies and athletic equipment must be purchased by the student.
  • Special material Fees required for certain courses are indicated in the class schedule.


  • Intersession                                           = Free
  • Per semester (Fall or Spring)                = $30.00
  • Per Summer session                             = $10.00
  • Per Day (using pay parking dispenser) = $2.00

Parking permit are required first day of classes. Parking permits are to be purchased online through Webadvisor.


  • Spring and Fall Semesters Only
  • $6.75 for Full time students (12+ units)
  • $5.75 for Part time students(.5 -11 units)

Fees are charged to all students whether or not they choose to use the transportation discount service (OCTA ride program).


The $10.00 Student Life and Leadership Fee allows you to become a member of the Associated Students of Santa Ana College. With this membership, you can receive a wide variety of valuable discounts, services, and activities, including: 

  • Movie ticket discounts (Edwards, AMC)

  • Amusement Parks (Knott's Berry Farm, Universal Studios, Magic Mountain, Raging Waters, Soak City, Wild Rivers)

  • Student Government and Club Membership

  • Free admission to all SAC athletic events

  • Student discounts to SAC Fine & Performing Arts events

  • Free admission or discounts to selected day concerts, food events, speaker, socials, and cultural events

** Students who do not wish to pay this fee may request a prompt refund by calling 714-564-6430 or by visiting the Cashier’s Office (VL-205B - Student Business Office). Refunds must be requested before your drop for non-payment date.



In addition to the 3-day drop for non-payment policy, enrollment and health fees must be paid in full by the Friday before the start of the semester at 11:59pm. If there is a balance on your account, your classes may be dropped on Saturday regardless of when you registered.

You may drop classes online.  After the 2nd week of the Fall or Spring full term semester class or after the first class meeting in a Summer session, you will incur a financial obligation to the college and an administrative hold will be placed on your student records until fees are paid.  (Any unpaid fees as a result of a dishonored check or other outstanding debt will be handled in the same manner.) 

Note:Students will NOT be dropped for non-payment once the semester/session begins. For late starting classes, please check WebAdvisor for drop and refund deadline to avoid fees.


Eligible students should request a refund through the Cashiers Office by phone (714) 564-6965 or in person in room VL-205. Refunds will be issued in the following manner:  

  • credit card payments will be returned as a credit to the initiating card
  • check refund issued for cash and check payments
  • refund on check payments will be processed after a 14 day clearing period

Refund of Enrollment / Health / Student Service Fees:

Students who withdraw from full term classes by 10% of a course less than a semester in length, may request a 100% refund.  Refunds for eligible students should be requested in person by visiting the Cashier's Office at Santa Ana College.  

Refund deadlines: View CLASS SECTION INFORMATION via WEBADVISOR  for specific drop dates

Refund of Parking Fee:

Any student who withdraws from classes prior to the drop deadline may request a refund for his/her parking permit.  Parking permit must be returned to the Cashiers Office in order to receive refund.  All refunds must be requested in person by visiting the Cashier's Office at Santa Ana College.

Dishonored Checks:

A $25.00 fee will be charged for a check returned for any reason.  In addition, an administrative hold will be placed against your student records and a class stop may be issued.  Payment for dishonored checks may be made by cash, cashier's check or money order only at the Student Business Office of Santa Ana College.


DROP FOR NON-PAYMENT POLICIES -  Enrollment fees must be PAID IN FULL within 3 calendar days of registration or all of your classes may be dropped and released to other students.

If you need assistance paying your enrollment fees and would like to apply for California College Promise Grant (formerly known as the BOG Fee Waiver Application), please go to the California College Promise Grant Application.
It is STUDENTS responsibility to check their account balance and pay the amount owed.​​​


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