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Out of State Students:

Due to restrictive state regulations, Santa Ana College is not permitted to provide online courses or instructions to students in some states. Please check with our Distance Education Office prior to enrollment. (714) 564-6725 or


For step-by-step instructions of How to Register for Classes, refer to the Student WebAdvisor Training Manual.

Are you having problems registering for classes?

Is the class restricted?

  • You may need Placement Testing. Restricted classes usually need testing such as English, Math or advanced Chemistry placement testing. Refer to the Assessment Center web page for more Placement Testing information 

Does the class have a prerequisite?

  • You can check to see if a class has a prerequisite using the Online Records System/WebAdvisor. Click on the Section Information of the class. If a class has a prerequisite, and you did not take the prerequisite at SAC or SCC, you will need to get a prerequisite clearance (class waiver) from counseling. This will require an official transcript which shows the successful completion of the prerequisite.

Is it your registration date yet?

  • View your registration date using the Online Records System/WebAdvisor. You will not be able to register for your classes until your registration date and time. You may register for classes on or after your registration date until the Saturday before classes start.

Are you repeating the class?

Are you a returning student?

  • Returning students are those who have skipped one primary semester (Fall or Spring). Returning students MUST reapply online. Upon the completion of your application, you will be provided a registration date. View your registration date using the Online Records System/WebAdvisor.

Are you using Internet Explorer?

  • Internet Explorer is recommended for all enrollment registration process. If you have problems registering please use Internet Explorer as your web browser.



  • When dropping classes via the Online Records/WebAdvisor, it is very important that you click on “Submit” after clicking the Drop check box next to the section you want to drop.
  • In the Registration Results screen, confirm the status of your Drop transaction. Then click OK. To confirm that your class was dropped, go to My class schedule to view your updated class schedule.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to drop a course by the deadline to avoid financial obligation to the college or to avoid receiving a “W”, “F” or “NP” grade. Even if you stop attending the class, you owe the fees unless you drop before refund date.

Note: Students will NOT be dropped for non-payment once the semester/session begins. For late starting classes, please check WebAdvisor for drop and refund deadline to avoid fees.



After the semester/session has started, students may petition to be added to the class by:

  1. Attend the first class meeting.
  2. Ask the instructor if there's still an open seat in the class for you. If yes, obtain an ADD CODE from the instructor.
  3. Add the class online by using WebAdvisor. Select the Add Code Registration link in the Students Menu - Registration section.

WAITLIST POLICY - (If you're on the waitlist - check your email daily)

  • Once a class fills its seats to the limit, a waitlist is created. Although you may see an open seat - you may only add yourself to the waitlist.
  • As seats become available, students WHO ARE ELIGIBLE FOR THE CLASS will be rolled automatically into the open seats. An email will be sent to you when this happens. You have THREE DAYS TO PAY. Failure to pay on time causes you to lose the class and your place on the waitlist.
  • It is your responsibility to check your email every day to see if you have been moved from the waitlist into an open seat.
  • Some waitlists may have a maximum limit. If you cannot add yourself to the waitlist, then the waitlist is full. As a courtesy to other students, please drop yourself from the waitlist if you no longer plan to take the course.
  • Once the semester/session starts, waitlist roll-over process stops. However, students wait listed for the late-starting classes will continue to be rolled into open seats (after the second week of the semester).
  • If your name remains on the waitlist once the semester/session has started, you must attend the first class meeting and obtain an Add Code from the instructor to add the course. Late adds are at the discretion of the instructor.
  • In WebAdvisor, add the class online using your ADD CODE and pay immediately.


  •  You do not meet the prerequisite, make sure your Prerequisite Clearance (class waiver) has been processed by Counseling
  •  You are repeating a course, go to the Admissions & Records Office for assistance
  •  There is a time conflict with another class

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