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​​​​​​​Santa Ana College Mobile App!​

​ ​Gives easy access on your phone to:

  • Register for classes
  • View class schedule
  • See grades​
  • Receive notifications
  • Check out campus map
​ ​Install the Ellucian GO App by clicking or​​ scanning the links or by searching the​ Apple Store or Google Play.


1. ​Tap the App Store/Play Store

2. Search Ellucian GO and install




3. Open the app and Search for Santa Ana College


4. Tap the menu button on ​ SAC home screen




5. Tap Sign In and enter your WebAdvisor ID and Password


6Select youPush notification preference for this app

​​ ​ 

​                 ​ 


​1. Tap Registration on ​ SAC home screen

2. Select Term and enter a Course ( i.e. Term: Fall 2018, ACCT 036). 

If you are taking college credit courses, make sure the term does not say "Continuing Ed."


​​3. Courses from your search criteria will be listed, select the course you want to register for and tap Add To Cart

4. The selected course will be added to your cart, click OK. Tap Cart to continue



5. From your Cart, select the course(s) you want to register and tap Register. Tap Register again to confirm




6. Registration confirmation ​ 

Tap Registered icon at the bottom to view the courses your are registered for​

​​​​​​​      ​​​​​​





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