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Santa Ana College is here to assist students affected by the closure of ITT Technical Institute.

In order to provide you with personalized services, we have designated Javier Garcia to be the contact for former ITT Tech students. 

We share your concern and we want to ensure that you get answers to your questions. With the assistance of Mr. Garcia, we trust you will be connected to the appropriate services and meet with a designated counselor in order to obtain your degree and career goals.

Our fall semester starts on the week of  August 26. Contact us today! We look forward to serving you!​

Contact: Name: Javier Garcia, High School & Community Outreach Specialist

Phone: Number: 714-564-6145


In-Person: Office of School & Community Partnerships (Room S-213)

Credit by Exam Opportunities within the Science, Math and Health Sciences Division

  1. Geology and Earth Science (vary case by case).
  2. Life Sciences – Biology 109 (non-majors)
  3. Medical Terminology – 51A and 51B credit by exam, 3 remaining courses in the program must be done in person but can be done in Spring and in order to get a certificate.
  4. Math courses: All (except Math 81, 105, 167, 204).
  5. Astronomy: All courses
  6. Chemistry: CHEM 109 (non-majors, lecture portion only)
  7. Physics: PHYS 109 (non-majors, lecture portion only)
  8. Nursing: All courses (including clinical content knowledge, but will not take clinical hours spent at previous clinics).
  9. EMT: case by case

Resources for students at SAC:

1) Digital Dons Program: ITT Tech Students that come to SAC will be able to obtain a free laptop to use while at SAC or purchase one for a reduced price. Click here to learn more: DigitalDonsInformation.pdf


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