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  • We are currently NOT accepting applications for Fall 2014 UNLESS you are seniors from the local high schools who are participating in the Early Decision Program. All others, please wait until April 1, 2014 to apply for Fall 2014. 

Local high school seniors: currently the only major available for the Fall 2014 term is Liberal Arts.  You will have the option of changing your major at a later time.

Online Application Dates

•FALL semester ---------- Beginning April 1
•SPRING INTERSESSION / SPRING semester ------ Beginning November 1
•SUMMER session ------- Beginning April 1 

 Who May Apply for Admission?

Complete an application if:

•You have never attended Santa Ana College or Santiago Canyon College.
•You have not attended SAC or SCC for one primary semester (Fall or Spring). 
You may apply for admission at SAC if you:

    •  Have graduated from high school or
    •  Have passed the CA High School Proficiency Certificate Exam or
    •  Have passed the GED examination or
    •  Have not graduated from high school but are 18 years or older and may profit from SAC instruction or
    •  Are an eligible high school student who has satisfied specific admissions requirements or
    •  Are an international student who has satisfied specific admissions requirements

What Type of Student Am I?

Who May Attend?

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