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Math Fundamentals 1

Required Textbook

 Refresher book

Unit 1  Addition and Subtraction Whole Numbers

Practice Test 

Numbers in Words 

Types of Numbers

Place Name Chart

Word Problems

Unit 2 Multiplication and Multiplication Whole Numbers

Practice Test

Multiplication Tables

Multiplication Drills

Division Drills

Word Problems


Unit 3 The Meaning And Use of Fractions / Addition and Subtraction Fractions

Practice Test

Meaning of Fractions

Prime numbers & Composite Numbers/ Divisibilities

Reduce Fractions

Least Common Denominators

Word Problems

Unit 4 Multiplication and Division Fractions

Practice Test

Word Problems

Unit 5 Decimals

Practice Test

Decimal Place Name

Read and Write Decimals

Decimal/Fraction Conversion

Word Probelms


Math Fundamentals 1 (Credits: 5)

Instruction in the four fundamental arithmetical operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of whole numbers, fractions, and decimals.  Provides learning activities which allow for remediation and mastery of the basic math skills.​