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3. ESL PLC Project

The PLC is progressing every semester since its inception in 2013.  The following is a good overview of what we do.  PLC stands for Professional Learning Community and the ultimate objective is to improve student outcomes by analyzing student performance and adjusting strategies to improve instruction.  This is classroom research where teachers work together to analyze and make positive changes to help our students be more successful.




PLC SCHEDULE flyer application.pdf


Below is a sample from 2013-2014 to give the reader a better understanding about what we do.

PLC flyer copy.jpg

 Activity Descriptions

How to compute the time


Meetings will be two hours long in fall.  There is a possibility of adding meetings to the schedule at different times to accommodate others who can’t meet on Friday afternoons. In meetings, researchers will do presentations, other teachers will share strategies, teams will discuss experiences, and data will be analyzed. Members will also create common assessments in the spring.

Meetings are 1 to 1.  Meetings in the fall are 2 hours and meetings in the spring are 3 hours.  See schedule for dates.



Secretaries/Historians will summarize activities at each meeting and take pictures to document the event.  They will also post both the summary and photos on the blog.  The summary should include any listening strategies or activities introduced and at least two photos of the meeting activities.

Meeting time is calculated in the meeting itself.  The additional secretary time will be 1 hour for every combination of summary and photos posted on the blog.


Researchers study sites on the internet and/or read books and articles related to listening strategies and instruction in general. They may also interview other teachers.  They MUST also share their findings with the group through the blog or PLC social media, or at meetings.  The presentations at meetings should be 5-10 minutes long.

1 hour for each hour of research up to 4 hours before a presentation.  Sharing on the blog is recorded as a blogger.  Presentations in meetings are recorded as meeting time.

Blog/Social Media Promoter

The promoter will develop creative ways to encourage teachers to get online and share ideas from within and without the PLC.  Promotional flyers and distribution of same is one way to stimulate participation.

Each flyer is worth 1 hour and should be distributed to all ESL faculty and all administrators.  Other projects will be submitted for approval and time will be assigned at that time. 

Social Media Developer

Social media pages like Facebook could be encouraged with each participant and all ESL faculty. 

The development and maintenance of a Facebook or other social media site is worth 4 hours and can be extended subject to review.


Blogging is encouraged for all participants.  Each blog for these purposes should be on listening and MUST be a minimum of 6 sentences long.

Blogs are worth 15 minutes each.


Observations of other participants are encouraged and should be focused on observing listening strategies.  Pre and post observation meetings are encouraged but not required.  Blogging about the experience is required.

Observations are 1 to 1.  For every minute of observations, observers receive 1 minute.  Observations should not be more than 1 hour. Pre and post meetings are worth 30 minutes each.  Blogs are worth 15 minutes each.













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