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8. Policies

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All continuing education faculty working for Santa Ana College School of Continuing Education have the opportunity to do flex.  A very few teachers teach during that week and are not required to do flex.  Flex is a large part of our professional development program and consists of between 150 and 175 workshops annually and other activities including online courses and reflection opportunities (blogging).  These workshops are currently printed in a  handbook that is distributed in May for the fall activities and November for the spring activities.  As a cost saving measure, we are now distributing an online book only with a few paper booklets available in strategic places throughout the CEC campus.  We do these activities without a substantial budget and rely on faculty expertise to offer appropriate and interesting activities.  We do sometimes have one or two paid presenters including keynotes when the budget permits.

The agreement should be completed by all part-time faculty.  Soon the agreement will be online as an interactive form as well to simplify the process.  This agreement is a commitment to attend a minimum of 1.5 times the hours of your weekly assignment for fall and 1.5 times a given number of days of your assignment in the spring (TBD).  If you do not submit an agreement by the end of the preceding semester, it will delay receiving compensation for the activities you attend.  Please keep in mind that our staff has to process over 250 agreements, so the sooner you submit the agreement, the better.  Your paycheck will read the number of hours you would have taught had you taught during the week and not the number of hours you attended workshops.  You attend more hours of workshops because flex workshops are paid at a lesser rate than instructional hours. 
We encourage all faculty to do as much of their flex activities during flex weeks as possible.  Your assignment letter indicates flex week as the first week of your contract instead of the first week of instruction.  You can complete your flex commitments throughout the semester however.  We will have technology training and other workshops conducted during the semester.  You may also observe classes with appropriate paperwork obtained from the faculty development office.
The agreement also includes a section entitled “other”.  Any activities that are not expressly indicated as appropriate for flex must be approved by your dean.  Not Rob Jenkins nor any other member of the faculty development staff may approve these activities.
Flex questions can be addressed below and we encourage it so others with the same questions may see the responses or email Rob Jenkins ( for questions about flex workshops and policy.  Email Maureen Saunders ( for questions about your agreement and activities you have attended.

Other Policy Memos


FLEX Evidence POLICY.pdf


1.      Do I have to do all my flex commitment during flex week?

Answer: No, you have until the December 1 in fall and May 1 in spring.  However, it will be easier for you to complete it in August and you will be paid sooner.


2.      Is this agreement and my commitment for the year or for the semester?

Answer: It is for the each semester. 


3.      Why does my pay for flex week reflect a different number of hours than hours I attended?

Answer: Flex pay is calculated as if you taught for the week of  flex.  You are paid at your teaching rate for the hours you would have taught.  You do more hours during flex because you are attending and not teaching.  The rate is different, but the state requires that you are paid as if teaching.  Your pay at the higher rate (fewer hours: teaching) is equivalent to your pay at the lower rate (more hours: flex).


4.      How do you know if I have met my commitment? 

Answer: Be sure to sign in for every activity.  If you forget, we will have no proof that you attended.  This includes presenters; however, we will give presenters credit if we catch it. You will receive a monthly status report from the faculty development office indicating your obligation status until you have completed flex based on the sign-in sheets.

5.      Will I be paid for additional activities over my in-lieu-of-hours?

Answer: No, sorry there are no funds to pay people to attend extra workshops.

6.      I still don’t get it.  Who can I talk to?

Answer: email Rob Jenkins:
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