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1. Certificate Program

 Rob's Faculty Page


The certificate program was very successful and we plan to create new certificates soon.  The certificates and any new ones will be added to CEFOMS so you can keep track of your progress towards earning them. in the near future.

Currently there are two certificates available.  The certificates consist of 12 hours of activities.  Usually there are 3 core courses (3 hours each) and 3 electives (2.5 hours each).  The instructor will chose one of the three electives.  There are also blog entries required. These entrees or comments are short descriptions of the classroom application of new activities learned in the courses.  Therefore, they should not be written until activities have been attempted in the classroom.  The courses or workshops are not information dense. Rather they are skill-building focused.  The authors of the workshops subscribe to the idea that teaching is a skill and must be demonstrated and practiced to develop expertise. The workshops start teachers on this path.

​The first certificate is the Student Success BASIC Certificate.pdf. Its purpose is to give teachers an overall feel for the principles and techniques involved in Learner-Centered Instruction.  The activities are:

CORE COURSES - Do all three.

Learner-Centered Instruction (3 Hours)

Cooperative Learning (3 Hours)

Critical Thinking (3 Hours)

ELECTIVES - Choose one.

Learner Goal Setting (2.5 Hours)

Enhancing Learner Persistence (2.5 Hours)

Project-Based Learning (2.5 Hours)

Reflection - Do all.

2 Blogs (15 Minutes Each)


 The second certificate is the Assessment Certificate.pdf. It's overall purpose is to develop regular and systematic formative assessments in the classroom to be informed about how students are learning.


CORE COURSES - Do all three.

 Classroom Assessment Techniques (3 Hours)

Conducting Classroom Research (3 Hours)

Incorporating Rubrics into Instruction (2.5 Hours)


Test-Taking Skills (2.5 Hours)

Classroom Reflection Through Peer Coaching(2.5 Hours)

Reflection - Do all.

2 Blog Entries (15 Minutes each)

2 Blog Responses (15 minutes each)

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