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There are three Major Tenets: 

1. Students must be given the opportunity to network and interact as much as possible with other students ACROSS GRADE LEVELS
2. The quickest way and surest way for students to bond as friends and co-workers is to provide them with SHARED EXPERIENCES
3. LEADERS ARE MADE. They are not born. 

And ten Supportive Tenets:  

1. Developing effective leaders takes time and practice in the part of the participants.
2. To be a leader, one must be a member/participant in a group.
3. Leaders should serve their constituents and each other.
4. Leadership training must be ongoing, holistic, and hands-on.
5. The training must be relevant and meaningful. 
6. The trainees must be given or offered outlets for them to put into practice what they have learned.
7. A strong sense of "community" must be developed among and between the trainees (i.e. camaraderie).
8. Networking skills are a must (this includes public speaking as well).
9. All activities must be positive and promote within each participant self-affirmation and personal validation.
10. Attitude is a skill that can be learned, altered, and practiced. Have fun!

​Creating the next generation of responsible Leaders in a democratic America.

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