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Major Tenets

Major Tenet 1: 

Students must be given the opportunity to network and interact as much as possible with other students ACROSS GRADE LEVELS  
1. High schools and colleges spend million of dollars on extra-curricular activities because they ant their freshmen associating with their seniors in a controlled environment. 
2. The best advice anyone can give to a junior executive just starting out in a new job is to find mentors. 
3. Ask the students in your beginning one ESL class or first year freshman in college how many Intermediate or upper classmen do they know. The one who do not network worth those above the will be the least likely to matriculate from one level to the next, let alone graduate.

Major Tenet 2:  

The quickest way and surest way for students to bond as friends and co-workers is to provide them with SHARED EXPERIENCES  
1. Even negative experiences bond people into lifelong relationships. Think about the survivors of the Titanic or a war veterans group. My uncle has been going to his WWII bomber group reunions every year for the last twenty years. 
2. Hopefully the experiences provided to our students will be positive. 
3. Shared experiences, especially kinesthetic experiences, become imbedded in the subconscious and cause people to develop special relationships with those who have shared the same experience. 
4. Often people will bond with each other who have had the same experience but not at the same time or even the same place. Take, for example, two strangers meeting for the first time. Both discover that they went to the same high school in the Midwest or two survivors who have both had triple by-pass heart surgery.

Major Tenet 3:  

LEADERS ARE MADE. They are not born.   
1. It has only been within the last two centuries that the tradition of choosing leader from the sons of leaders has been broken. 
2. Throughout written history, we find that the sons of capable leaders rarely made good leaders themselves, and that their grandsons were even worse. 
3. Many of the most capable, inspirational, and effective leaders this country has had have come from the ranks of the disenfranchised and the poor. 
4. Leaders should be chosen on merit, integrity, and ability, not on social status, economic background, birth, gender, or national origin. 
5. Many if not most of our Adult Education students may not have had much formal education or know much English, but they are still viable, capable people with knowledge and skills that are just waiting to be developed and harnessed. 
6. I once had the privilege of listening to the principal of Garfield High School, the one Jaime Escalante is famous for. He stated that the reason so many of their students previously failed was not that they couldn't do the work in the classes, but rather that the classes were not offered by the school.

​Creating the next generation of responsible Leaders in a democratic America.

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