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Parents navigating the internet with their son and daughter.

Importance of the Course

This course was designed to develop Santa Ana's K-12 parent's knowledge and skills to assist their child(ren) to succeed academically in school. The course consists of two modules.

Module 1

Parents will attain the knowledge and develop the skills necessary to:

  1. Understand the internet. Parents are introduced to internet basics and terminology.
  2. Use a mouse and/or touch screen efficiently.
  3. Create and use a Gmail account. Parents will also download the Gmail mobile application on their cell phone. They will learn how to navigate their Gmail account on their phone and a computer.
  4. Create and use the Aeries Parent Portal account. Parents practice using the different features of the portal, such as checking their child's grades, attendance, test results, etc. Parents will also download the Santa Ana Unified School District (SAUSD) mobile application on their cell phone. They will learn how to navigate the portal on their cell phone and a computer.
  5. Become digitally fluent. Parent learn to understand the right and wrong, both morally and legally, in using and sharing any documents, pictures, programs, or access to personal or private information.

Module 2

Parents will attain the knowledge and develop the skills necessary to navigate and access information, on a computer and their cell phone, from the following websites and/or topics:

  1. Santa Ana Unified School District Website, specifically their child's schools page, district calendar, and the parents resources page.
  2. Santa Ana College Website to be informed of the various classes, certificate/degree programs, and services that are available to them and their children.
  3. Their child's schools Facebook page so they can be aware of the real-time information that is being announced by the school.
  4. Educational computer programs that their child uses at school that helps them develop their reading, writing, and math skills.
  5. Powerful lesson on Interent safety and cyberbullying. Only 10% of parents are aware their teens are targets of cyberbullying. Consequently, parents are educated on ways they can protect their children online no matter how they access the internet. 

Parent receive a digital badge for every lesson they complete in Module 1 and 2. That is potentially a total of 10 badges. The digital badge validates the skill they learned in every lesson and can be displayed on various online platforms such as LinkedIn and Portfolium

Interested in this Course?

If you're a parent who is interested in taking the Navigating the Internet for Parents course and want it offered at your child's campus, please have the school administrator or appropriate school official contact Dr. Osiel Madrigal at (714) 241-5781.

21st Century Parent Leadership Academy

This Academy prepares parents to be leaders in the real and virtual worlds by having them participate in two courses simultaneously - Leadership Basics and Navigating the Internet for Parents. Amongst other things, the Academy:

  • Provides the tools to be a leader in your family, work and the community.
  • Teaches public speaking and how to be more assertive.
  • Improves knowledge in navigating the internet to help your child succeed in the school.
  • Builds your digital literacy skills.

This Academy is currently not being offered. If you are interested in offering  it at a location, please have the appropriate person contact Dr. Osiel Madrigal at  (714) 241-5781.  

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A teenage girl, with a sad look on her face, looks at her cell phone. She's a victim of cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying is when a child, preteen or teen is tormented, threatened, harassed, humiliated, embarrassed or otherwise targeted by another child, preteen or teen using the Internet, interactive and digital technologies or mobile phones.

Just like any other victim of bullying, cyberbullying victims experience anxiety, fear, depression, and low self-esteem. They also may deal with low self-esteem, experience physical symptoms, and struggle academically. Tragically, there have been many documented cases where cyberbullying victims have committed suicide.


Statistics on cyberbullying 

65.8% of teens responded to the bully digitally (35% responded in person)

15.4% avoided school

4.5% have been in a physical fight with their bully

25% of teens claim to be targets of cyberbullying

2/3 or 66% of all teens witnessed cruel behavior online

Only 10% of parents are aware their teens are targets of cyberbullying

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